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Aricent Group

Mega Freshers Recruitment

100+ Requirement

Date: 3rd & 4th March 2019

Venue: Muthoot Engg. College, Varikoli, Cochin

Reporting: 9.00 A M

Profile & Package:
Profile: Software Engineer Development/ Testing
CTC:- 3.5 LPA ( bond of 21 months ).
Service Agreement : Employee service bond for 21 months, INR 75000/-
Job Location: Chennai
Non- CS
1    Verbal Ability    MCQ [Multiple Choice]
2    Quantitative Aptitude    MCQ 
3    Logical Reasoning    MCQ  
4    Technical Aptitude    MCQ   
5    Code Analysis    Code Debugging and Analysis
6    Programming    MCQ   
7    Programming [Data structures]    MCQ   
8    Digital Design (Theory)    MCQ   
9    Microprocessors    MCQ  
10  Digital Design (Design Based)    MCQ
1    Verbal Ability    MCQ
2    Quantitative Aptitude    MCQ
3    Logical Reasoning    MCQ
4    Technical Aptitude    MCQ
5    Code Analysis    Code Debugging and Analysis
6    Programming    MCQ
7    Programming [Data structures]    MCQ
8    Operating Systems    MCQ
9    DBMS    MCQ
10  Microprocessors    MCQ

Confirmation / Hall Ticket:

All the candidates should bring the following to test venue:

Company Information:

Aricent is a Global innovation company with more than 10,000 employees at 36 locations worldwide. Besides our HQ in New Jersey, we have teams in development centers, design studios, and sales offices on all continents, both in low-cost locations and innovation clusters.

1.Product and Experience Design: Conceptualizing, designing, and engineering new products, software, applications, online experiences, and connected ecosystems
Customer insights; innovation and technology strategy; interface and industrial design; business model, process, and service design; experience prototyping
2. Product Engineering:Development, engineering, and testing of software products and entire product lines; outsourced engineering for mature products; innovative business model arrangements
Product development, testing, maintenance & support
3. Systems Integration: Manage integration of multiple backend systems; create operational efficiencies with business process optimization; assist in migration from legacy systems
OSS/BSS, VAS, customer experience management, field engineering services
4. Software: Software frameworks and IPRs that can be rapidly customized as part of a service engagement for deployment in infrastructure equipment and endpoint devices
LTE/WiMAX, multimedia codecs, switching & routing, VoIP/IMS, signaling, security
More and smarter devices: The number of personal devices is growing, and the “Internet of Things” is becoming a reality. An increasing number of devices get connected to devices, and more devices get connected to the grid. More powerful and capable devices go hand-in-hand with sophisticated applications that create rich user experiences and new business opportunities.

Sophisticated and data-rich applications: More sophisticated and data-rich applications are spawning new product categories and placing new demands on networks.

Need for robust network and infrastructure: Communication networks must support an increasingly diverse array of uses, including rapidly growing trends such as machine-to-machine (M2M), which is expected to far surpass conventional phones in quantity of connected devices. In addition, Mobile IP traffic is growing at over 90% each year, and overall global IP traffic is growing at 4 xs

Our global presence keeps us up-to-date with emerging local consumer and technology trends. It also provides us with close proximity to our clients and gives us a high degree of flexibility in deploying designers and engineers to quickly scale projects based on our clients’ specific requirements.