Global Edge
2011/2010 Batch BTech Recruitment
Date: Wednesday, 14th  December 2011
Venue: Await Details


Test Procedure:
The written test will be for 1.5 hours.
There will be 3 sections:
1. Aptitude Questions (Objective)- 50 Questions
2. Computer Fundamentals- 25 Questions
3. Electronics & Communication Fundamentals-25 Questions

The written test will be for 1.5 hours.
There will be 3 sections:
C-Programming and OS Questions (Objective)- 25 Questions
C & OS Objectives-  25 Questions
C-Programming- Descriptive Questions

Kindly prepare with the below mentioned concepts for C & OS
C Compilation process.
Data types, Operators, Arrays, Pointers, Bit fields,
Structures and Unions, Functions, Storage Class specifiers
Input/Output, Pre-processor Directives
Data Structures using C (Any book with C Lang Implementations)
Different types of lists, stacks, queues, Trees.
Search and sorting techniques.
Subsytems, Scheduling, Synchronization
Memory Management, File & Disk Management.
Domain Knowledge – Academic Project & other Projects in resume.


Confirmation / Hall Ticket

All the candidates should bring the following to test venue:

About Company:

            GlobalEdge is an embedded software solutions and services company focused on Wireless, Telecom and IP Networking Technologies. Since inception in 1992, GlobalEdge has been a leader in delivering solutions and services in set top boxes, residential gateways, wireless and multimedia devices to customers world-wide. GlobalEdge’s customers list includes leading Semiconductor vendors, CPE device makers, Consumer Electronics Companies, Communications OEMs. GlobalEdge’s portfolio includes embedded services, multiple standalone IP components, various protocol implementations as well as production-ready solutions for OEMs. GlobalEdge is formed to complement customer’s capabilities and accelerate time to market, leveraging, field-validated standard software components and custom development services. GlobalEdge, coupled with its IPs, provides WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee solutions / services in Wireless communications domain; offers PacketCable 1.x/2.0, VoIP(SIP/IMS/ NCS/MGCP) in IP Networking division and Handset Application Development and various testing services in the Telecommunication offerings. GlobalEdge’s software processes have been certified at SEI CMM Level 5, ISO 9001:2000 and Recertified for ISO 9001-2008. GlobalEdge is ISO 27001:2005 certified as well, reflecting the commitment to protect customer IPs under a secure organization environment.

Our Solutions:
           GlobalEdge offers high-quality embedded software components and production ready solutions for OEMs along with sustenance and enhancement friendly design and source code, detailed documentation and dedicated customer support. Our IP components and Solutions are time tested and consistently shorten the time to market. GlobalEdge IP components’ library includes a wide range of VoIP stacks, Wireless protocols and other innovative ideas’ implementations. The large library of components enables our customers to differentiate their product from that of competition. GlobalEdge IP components are available as proven source code or binary modules that are portable /customizable. Our solution building capabilities support customers in conceptualizing and building complete applications, integrating IP Components with other components, solution porting, testing, certification, production support, sustenance, etc. Our solutions are feature-rich, cost-effective and complete with hardware reference designs, enabling OEMs to gain an accelerated path to take their products quickly to their marketplace. Our research and development initiatives enable our customers remain ahead of emerging technology and market trends. GlobalEdge solutions have clear and well-defined roadmaps that enable our customers to always stay ahead of their competition.


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