Students with duplicate registration & students who confirm and do not come for any test, will not get Hall Ticket online. Such students will have to call the office, do telephonic confirmation and buy the Hall Ticket from the venue. There will be additional charges payable for buying the Hall Ticket from the venue.

  1. Please note that SHREDS do not charge any Registration fee. However, as and when selection tests are held, a nominal examination fee is charged to meet the Society's expenses.
  2. Registration Number will be normally allotted within three days through e-mail.
  3. In case you fail to get registration number by mail, send a mail to giving
  1. Candidates should submit the following documents to SHREDS (at the test venue) when they appear for the first test.
  1. Always enter the mark as Percentage. Do not enter your GPA (out of 4 or 10). All marks entered in our website should be as a percentage (out of 100)
  2. For Lateral entry students, keep 00.00 for 1st and 2nd semesters . But the aggregate should be correct.
  3. If you have done Pre-Degree give Pre-degree % for 12th, otherwise give Diploma %.
  4. For MSc integrated course, keep 1st year % in 1st semester, 2nd year % in 2nd semester. But the aggregate should be correct.
  5. Msc Electronics students, (for 2006 batch alone,EC and AE are not in the list) register as CS , but confirm for tests only when your branch is eligible.
  6. Login Name, Password and Register number are needed to confirm on-line for tests.
  7. So remember your Login Name, Password and Register Number.
  8. In any future communication with SHREDS quote your
  1. In case you experience any difficulty, you may contact us by e-mail.( only).
  2. Only mails with proper subjects, Full Name, Login Name, and Register Number will be answered.
  3. E-mails sent to Secretary will not be answered, unless specifically instructed by office.
  4. If essential, you may call our office at 0484 - 6510245 / 9946808364 (10 am to 5 pm on working days).
  5. Please keep watching our web site for announcement regarding placement activities.

  1. When any test is announced, check your eligibility from the site and await opening of on-line confirmation for attending the test.
  2. It is solely the candidate's responsibility to check the eligibility before confirming for a test. Confirm only if you are 100% eligible for the test. If you have any doubt regarding eligibility, contact SHREDS, clarify it and then only confirm. Otherwise, your registration will get suspended.
  3. Normally on-line confirmation will be open 7 days before the date of test.
  4. Login , give your login id and password, click the confirmation link on top, Click the company name you want to confirm and submit your reg. number. Check if your status is confirmed.
  5. Confirmation will close as and when desired number is reached.
  6. For Confirmation, click the confirmation link under the test announcement, give your Login Name and Password and Registration Number and submit confirmation. Confirm only once.
  7. Please note that if you confirm and do not attend the test your registration will get suspended.

  1. Normally, Hall Tickets will be released on-line, 10 days before the test.
  2. Hall tickets can be obtained at our site by following the Hall Ticket link.
  3. Login , give your login id and password, click the Hall Ticket link on top,and click the company name. Make sure that the POP up Blocker in the browser is disabled to allow the Hall Ticket to pop up.
  4. Take the print out of the Hall Ticket in an A- 4 sheet only, fill in the correct details and bring it for the test.
  5. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that he/she meets the eligibility criteria mentioned by the company.
  6. Hall Tickets are provisional.
  7. Admission to the test is subject to the Company's discretion.( If the company takes on the spot decision regarding eligibility, candidates will have to comply with that)

  1. Report at the test venue before the reporting time (not more than 1 hour before time) with all the items mentioned in the Hall Ticket.
  2. Parents are requested not to enter the test venue.
  3. Mobile phones are not allowed inside the Hall.
  4. Students are requested to stand in queue in front of the registration counters. First 3 queues are for girls and the next 3 for boys.
  5. Do not throw papers around the test venue.
  6. The test results will normally be declared by the evening and interviews may be on the same day or on the next day.
  7. Parents, relatives or friends will not be allowed to enter the interview premises.
  8. Girls can contact the following for paying guest accomodation near test venue (These numbers are not SHREDS contact numbers)
  1. Candidates should bring the following items to the test venue

Final test results will be announced in the SHREDS website at a later date. Telephonic enquiries about results are strictly prohibited.
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office (at) shredskerala (dot) org  0484-6510245 / 9946808364 / 9645081534